Tsuen Wan, Kwai Tsing and Tuen Mun

  • Objectives

    The service renders food assistance to individuals or families who are unemployed, encountering sudden change or facing immediate financial hardship, to help underprivileged individuals or families tide over temporary financial problems triggered by various social problems, and refer the needy service users to mainstream welfare services.

  • Introduction

    The Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council (also known as the “Welfare Council”) was founded in 1966. It is now registered as a charitable organization under the Companies Ordinance, and is an institution that coordinates, develops and provides social services for Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui. The Welfare Council’s diverse services, which can be found across Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Macau, cover children, youth, families, senior citizens and persons in need of mental and medical rehabilitation, counselling and professional training, in line with its service philosophy, “Personalised Service, Holistic Care” to “Transform Lives” so they may “Live in Abundance”.

  • Services

    • Short-term food assistance for a maximum of 8 weeks to needy people lived in the community for solving their urgent needs. Food provided including rice, noodle, canned food, food coupons, hot meal coupons, baby food, meals for ethnic minorities and special diets, assessed by dietician. Special diets will be provided for those with proven needs.
    • Case interview and follow up by social worker.
    • Conduct welfare-related programmes.

  • Termination

    • Voluntary Termination:
    1. When service terminates after the approved service period.
    2. When the applicant contacts the service team to withdraw from the service.
    • Involuntary Termination:
    1. If applicants breach the “Service Regulation” mentioned in “Important Note to Service User and “Declaration of the Applicant”, i.e. providing false information or fraudulent supporting documents, the Council will disqualify the application as well as terminate the food assistance. The Council also reserves the right for any legal actions.

  • Target groups

    • Hong Kong residents;
    • Residents who are living in Tsuen Wan, Kwai Ching & Tuen Mun;
    • Individuals or families encountering sudden change and facing immediate financial hardship, the unemployed, low-income earners, new arrivals and street sleepers, etc.

  • Our Performance Pledge

    The Welfare Council established the “Quality Journey” as our performance pledge in 1996 with the aim of implementing corporate governance through continuous improvement, training and promotion of excellence; setting up teams of professional staff; fully catering to the needs of and providing quality services for our service users. In order to fulfil the expectations and requirements of our service users, we guarantee that we will be working hand in hand to provide high-quality services and make continuous improvement.

  • Eligibility Criteria

    Applicant and their family members must be assessed by social worker, and within the monthly Income and asset limits.

  • Application Procedure & Charge

    Complete the “Application/Referral Form for Short-term Food Assistance Service” and present the proofs, (including the breadwinner of the family, and all family members) to social worker to assess the eligibility for the service. The service is free of charge.

    Necessary document list as follow:

    • ID Card of all household members
    • Last 2 months residential proof (Water, Electricity or Towngas Bill)
    • Tenancy agreement (Private/Public Housing), Government Rent
    • Last 6 months income proof record (Pay slip, Employment proof, Bank book, Bank statement, Tax Return)
    • Proof of student status for aged 15 or above (Full time Student Card/School handbook)
    • Proof of unemployment (Termination letter, Medical letter, Labor department job seeking registration card)
    • Last 6 months transactions records of bank book or bank statement
    • Updated bank account balance shown within 7 days
    • Asset proof within and outside Hong Kong (Insurance, Investment account, stock account, HKJC account balance etc)
    • Marriage Certificate, Divorce Agreement, Death Certificate (if applicable)
    • Any other related documents
    Remarks: We will deny any application with insufficient document.

Main Base

Main Service Base(Tuen Mun)
Sub Service Base (Kwai Tsing)
Sub Service Base (Tsuen Wan)
Main Service Base /  Sub Service Base
Main Service Base Hong Kong Sheng Kui Hui Welfare Council Blessed Food (Tuen Mun Centre) Room 1923, Tuen Mun Central Square, No.22 Hoi Wing Road, Tuen Mun 2668 8708
Sub Service Base Hong Kong Sheng Kui Hui Welfare Council Blessed Food (Kwai Ching Centre) Room 1003, 10/F, Millennium Trade Centre, 56 Kwai Cheong Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories 2364 8191
Sub Service Base Hong Kong Sheng Kui Hui Welfare Council Blessed Food (Tsuen Wan Centre) Unit 821, 8/F, Nan Fung Centre, 264-298 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories 2690 0920